antony lyons   -   visual artist + creative researcher + producer-catalyst

"between sculpture and something else"

~ cinematic-sonic sculptural installations

~ geopoetic, landscape-based explorations

~ environmental communication, eco-design and creative consultancy


Detail from printed work installation - Quantock Dreaming, 2008

occasional reflections on current projects


meshes of cultural and rewilding relationships: landscapes, people, materials, intangibles


Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol, 2008

Quantock Dreaming

Creative Residency, Quantock Hills, Somerset, 2007-8

Green Ribbons Network

Sheffield, 2009-10

[A NOVA Creative Lab  project]



UWE Gallery

Bristol, 2008

The Bogle Experience (Silver Path)

Site-Specific Installation/Performance

Grizedale, Cumbria, 2004


Sheffield, 2011

[A NOVA Creative Lab project, linked to Green Ribbons Network]

Lough Gur NEXUS

(Trail and Slow Residency)

Ireland, ongoing

Amuigh Faoin Spéir

Public Art Commission

Dooish School, Donegal 2011

Eleven Minutes Urban Trail

Bristol, 2006

(a NOVA Creative Lab project)

Darwin 200 Geo-Garden

Competition Runner-Up

Shrewsbury, 2008

[a NOVA Creative Lab project]

SOTE - Competition

Lincolnshire Coast, 2011

[a NOVA Creative Lab project]

Lovely Weather

Slow Residency/ Deep Mapping (Climate Change)

Donegal, Ireland 2010-11

River Shannon Fleets

Public Art: Enduring Sculptural Works, Limerick, 2010  (a Deiseal project)


(work in progress)




climate + deep-time geopoetics


Art, Ecology, Technology

North Devon Biosphere Reserve, 2011-12

Colorado River Conjectures

Exploratory Artist-Research Residency

Grand Canyon, USA 2011


myths, metaphors and cultural explorations

"Our knowledge of nature and how it works is based on observations. What if we can't see everything? What might we be missing out on? There could be a 'hidden world' out there"

James Wells, CERN, on the search for the Higgs bosun

River Frome Greenway

Urban cycle route transformation, Bristol, 2011 (direction/imagineer)

Eco-Sensitive Water Design, SUDS etc

eco-design, consultancy, writings

Transgression (Rising Waters)

An essay-film project, 2014-17

Part of 'Submerged (Drowned Lands)'

LAB1 /  SALT-Land-ing

Artistic Research

Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall, 2012


Brandhall School, 2010

[a NOVA Creative Lab project]


'Between The Tides' International Exchange

Severn Estuary + Wadden Sea, 2012-14

Coastal Creative-Twinning Exchange

Submerged (Drowned Lands): A Long View

Installation works in production, 2014-17

Somerset Levels, England


movements, mobility, journeys

Sao Macário Mountain Dreaming

Sound-art/intermedia residency at Binaural-Nodar, Portugal, 2013

PUBLICATIONS  enquiry.html

[ NOVA ]

new perspectives, recombinations, collaborations, liminal settings and sonic alchemies


Ireland - ancient echoes


layerings, mappings, explorations

"It's not easy to see things in the middle, rather than looking down on them from above or up at them from below, or from left to right or right to left: try it, you'll see that everything changes."

Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus

"Art and science are both manifestations of the human drive for knowledge; they provide their practitioners with a feeling of resonant connection to the complex processes that underlie our environment. And though they ultimately express a different view of the universe, they aren’t mutually exclusive—rather, they mirror each other in fantastically interesting ways. We live in a moment of unprecedented change in the way that both art and science are practiced, and those changes are happening in parallel with one another. How we adapt, collaborate, and express our changing environment may ultimately reconcile the “two cultures” and turn us on to a new level of engagement with our hyper-sensory, interconnected, and evolving world."

the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, 2011

LAB2 / PEAT-Land-ing

Artistic Research, in progress

more soon

LAB3 / CLAY-Land-ing

Artistic Researches and fossickings, Cornwall 2015-

more soon

Sabrina Dreaming (Severn Estuary Tidelands)

Artist-Research Residency, with CCRI,

University of Gloucestershire, 2014-

As an independent creative practitioner with a background in eco/geo-sciences and landscape design, many of my projects are concerned with the relationships between ecological processes, environmental change and cultural adaptations. Areas of particular focus include coastal/river landscapes, deep-time (geological) perspectives, routes/journeys and intangible cultural vitality. My research and production methods rely on geopoetic creative fieldwork and experimental remixing of materials, archives, field-recordings and contemporary narratives - explored in the context of both 'slow' and 'intensive' artist-residencies. Resulting works include sculpture, film, sound and intermedia installations - addressing tensions, traces, transitions and environmental justice.

Water is central. The future is in flux.

Current work includes projects delving into liminal land-water spaces, heritage futures and eco-social perspectives relating to water. This brings together scenarios of rising tidal waters and the intentional submergence of lands by constructed dams/reservoirs. I am also working with groups of universities, assisting with the braiding of creative and research strategies, providing parallax views of eco-cultural situations.

Some of my projects are taken forward under the banner of NOVA